Rapid Ear Wax Removal – The Two Best Home Solutions by Far!

Have ear wax blockage? Here are two easy and fast home ear wax removal systems that really work. The first is for Rapid Prevention of wax blockages, and the second for Rapid Removal. Share them on!

If you are one of the 6% of people (18+ million Americans, 400+ million worldwide), like me, who live with excessive ear wax buildup (we are called “overproducers”), and who get clogged ears and ear wax-caused tinnitus at least once a year, I think you’ll particularly love these fast solutions. Take them to your doc or nurse if you have any concerns.

Ear wax removal is a very big business. Wikipedia says about 150,000 ears are irrigated each week in the US alone, by doctors and their aides, and 40,000 in the UK.  The average US cost of one ear wax removal session is $88. Thus in the US alone, there’s a $690 million dollar business ready to be eliminated by these two solutions. Globally, I’d guess about $3 billion of annual health care expenditures could be eliminated with these two fast and easy solutions. 

So please use them and share them on, friend!

I. The Best Solution for Ear Wax Blockage Prevention – Hand Irrigators

Get these three things:

1. Housables Spray Bottles with Twist Adjustable Nozzles  ($10, pack of 3 on Amazon)

2. Swan 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Bottles (should fit your Housables sprayer) ($9, pack of 2)

3. A gallon of distilled, purified, or bottled water (Your local grocery store).


Houseables Sprayers – Home Ear Wax Buildup Prevention

Screw the 3% hydrogen peroxide bottle to the spray head from your Housables sprayer. Load one of the other srpay bottles with distilled, purified, or bottled water. Give the third spray bottle to a friend, or keep it as backup.

Put these two bottles in a place where you will use them. Commit to using them anywhere from once a week (if you get lots of blockages) to once month (if you get them rarely) to irrigate your ear canals. It takes just a couple of minutes to do it. The shower is a great place to do this, as you won’t waste any time by doing it there.

At the beginning of your shower, shoot each ear canal with a few jets of peroxide, while keeping your ears level, and let it bubble in there or a few minutes (3-10), warming and loosening up all the ear wax. At the end of your shower, tip each ear canal down to the ground, so that gravity will flush out any loose wax, and hit each one with a few jets of distilled, purified, or bottled water. This will add only a couple of minutes to your shower, and is by far the simplest prevention solution I know.

You can rotate the sprayer nozzle on each bottle to give you anything from a gentle mist to a powerful, piercing spray, as you prefer, and pull the lever as gently or hard as you prefer. You’ll soon get very good at using these bottles to irrigate your ears. I’d recommend a more piercing spray for both of them, particularly for the flush.

Bonus Use 1: Also do this at home after every ocean, lake, hot tub, or pool swim, to prevent ear infections. It really works!

Bonus Use 2: The peroxide bottle is great for any cuts and abrasions that you or your family get, before you dress the wound. A penetrating spray of 3% peroxide is an ideal deep disinfectant, and it also flushes out any organic matter that might fester in the wound. Follow the flush with a tissue dab to dry, and then put on the bandages. Thus your piercing peroxide spray is a foundation of any 21st Century first aid kit

Pro Tip: Don’t overdo the peroxide time. You don’t want to strip out all your ear wax, just reduce it with regular maintenance.  A good rule of thumb is to do your bottled water flush while you still feel some bubbling in your ears. If you squirt in 3% peroxide and don’t soon feel the bubbling, you’re using it too often, or you have very old peroxide (replace it every couple of years). Over time, you’ll learn to judge how much ear wax you have left based on how rapid and loud the bubbling and foaming. The longer you delay doing this regular maintenance, the more bubbling you’ll get. If you can, have someone look in your ear with a cheap otoscope afterward to make sure you still are leaving wax in the canal.

If your 3% peroxide bottles don’t fit the Housables spray head, go find an opaque plastic bottle at the grocery store that will fit your spray head (just take it in and try a few). If you can’t find any bottle that fits, you can always spray one of the Housables bottles with spray paint (any color you have or like will block the light). I don’t recommend home filtered water for your flush bottle, unless you know it has no live bacteria (eg., it also gets a UV treatment, as some home water filter systems now do).

Since 2014, a number of ear wax hand sprayers have finally become available on Amazon, including Elephant Ear, Wax-Rx, Hear Ear, Ear Gator, etc. These are all ridiculously overpriced at $30 to $50, and they are also not as convenient for regular use as what I’ve described, so I don’t recommend any of them at present. Just use the solutions above and save your money.

II. The Best Solution for Rapid Ear Wax Blockage Removal – The Water Pik

If you forget to do your regular ear canal maintenance as I’ve outlined above, you will occasionally end up with a totally blocked ear. In that case, you can either use your prevention flushers over a 30 – 90 minute period, which will usually be enough time to remove even the worst and hardest blockages, or you can buy the solution below, which almost always works for me in just four to ten minutes (no joke!).

This solution isn’t for everyone however, as the stream of the Water Pik is powerful, so you need to be careful with it. Never use the Water Pik if you have any ear pain. That usually means an infected ear canal. In that case, get some medical advice, and either try using the first solution gently, or make a trip to the clinic, as you are advised.


1. Buy a Water Pik. I recommend the WP 450 Cordless Plus. Available at Amazon for $42 (free shipping with Prime), or right away at Target for $55. You can also use it to replace daily flossing, saving time there as well.

2. Buy three bottles of hydrogen peroxide. Also at Target, or your local supermarket. 50 cents a bottle. Charge the Water Pik, put the peroxide in the reservoir, and set the pressure setting on low.

3. Kneel over your tub or get in your shower and irrigate your ear. It takes just 2 minutes (two 45 second reservoirs full with peroxide) to clear a typical impaction, in my experience. Very hard or big impactions may require up to six reservoirs of peroxide. I haven’t heard of any impaction taking more than six reservoirs yet (see reader comments below). Believe me, each reservoir will be doing great work, softening up the wax and getting you closer to a clear ear.

If you have someone who can look in your ear before and after you irrigate it, to visualize the wax and your eardrum, feel free to get an otoscope too. Dr. Mom Slimline Otoscope is a popular one on Amazon, $27.

Common Sense Warning:

If your ear is painful, or you’ve had a blocked ear for days, one that might now be inflamed, I’d use one of the other much slower home solutions below, or go your doctor. An inflamed eardrum can be delicate, and you might perforate it with a jet of high pressure liquid in your ear. Even doctors cleaning out ears with syringes or scoops are reported in the medical literature (in the few studies that exist on this) to perforate the tympanic membrane in the eardrum in up to 1% of cases. So be careful. But if you’ve just recently blocked your ear with wax, and you don’t use this in any way that will cause you pain, I think the Water Pik is your best solution by far.

Don’t put the Water Pik deeply into your ear, just get the tip into the canal, set it on low, and let the rapid flow and the peroxide strip away the ear wax. Again, in my experience it takes at least two reservoirs of peroxide to clear a typical impaction. Take a break every 10 seconds to clear your ears, and stop as soon as your hearing clears up. If you still hear faint ringing an hour or more later, you may still have some wax stuck to your eardrum. If so, do it again for another 10-40 seconds, wait an hour, and listen again. Soon even the faintest ringing will stop and you’ll be hearing wonderfully again. Also, be sure not to use cold peroxide. It should be room temperature or even a bit warm (feel free to put the peroxide you’ll be using, not the Waterpik, in the microwave for 10 seconds) if you want it even more efficient. Cold water in your inner ear can make some folks nauseous or dizzy. For people with really hard wax plugs, you might want to take a 20 minute sauna or steam room visit before you use your WaterPik. That makes it the most efficient. Most of us don’t need that, fortunately, when our ears get plugged.

Want to spend a whole lot more money for very little extra value? There’s an older model Water Pik with a tip that directs the water to the sides of the ear canal, rather than directly at the eardrum. Its called the Bionix OtoClear Ear Lavage system, and it costs $230 (!!). Here’s a video of it in action.  Most of us would never pay that, and fortunately we don’t have to. Just use your Water Pik on low, and direct its jet at the side of the ear canal rather than the back. YouTube now even has a few videos of Water Piks being used for ear wax removal by physician assistants, so I see what I thought was my own little secret is out.

If you overproduce ear wax you may end up using your Water Pik for a minute or so every few weeks to months, just to manage wax buildup before it becomes a problem. If you are a swimmer, you might use it for just 5-10 seconds in each ear when you get home after a swim, to keep your ears clean and infection free.  Just be sure not to use this device to clear out all the wax, which is there to protect your ears from bacteria. Again, use your common sense.

Feel free to ask your doctor about the WaterPik solution. Some physicians now OK this solution for their patients when they tell them about it (see reader comments below). Others, not wanting their patients to risk even minor self-inflicted harm, wouldn’t recommend their patients use either the $230 Bionix or the $42 Water Pik for their ears. I’ll be curious to see what kinds of formal guidelines eventually emerge. Ideally, the AMA would get involved in offering a set of guidelines for users and manufacturers for home irrigation, rather than leaving us to figure them out for ourselves. Fortunately, regardless of what they eventually do or say, you can still do it yourself. If you are a responsible human being, who has good common sense, I think you deserve to have the most powerful and affordable tools at your disposal. For ear wax removal, that’s definitely the Water Pik. So I hope the more independent-minded readers will take it upon themselves to try this the next time they have a blockage, rather than take their problem to a physician. You deserve to be able to solve this problem yourself, immediately, whenever it occurs. Good luck!

Below is some additional info on ear wax removal.  You can skip it, unless you want more and alternative removal tips:

II. Nonsolutions

1. Q-Tips. These are both ineffective and dangerous. As almost all of us know, Q-Tips will very occasionally get the wax out, but most times they just compact it deeper in the ear canal, creating a plug. The big problem is that if you push too hard, you’ll rip your eardrum. An ear wax removal startup called Clear Earpitching in minutes 21-28 in this video, estimates that 20,000 people perforate their eardrums with Q-Tips every year worldwide. Think of how many people dig at their ears to get this level of injuries, and you see the magnitude of the ear wax removal problem.

III. Other Home Solutions

1. Ear Wax Removal Syringe. Acu-Life makes a great Ear Wax Removal Syringe, $5, with a tip that diverts the liquid to the sides of the ear canal, so you can push the plunger as hard as you want. But the flow ends up being pretty mild, so even if you load it with peroxide it will take up to an hour, sitting in the shower with it, using it 40+ times on your ear, to dislodge heavy plugs. If you have that kind of time and want to save money, go this route. If you don’t have that kind of time, I’d get the Water Pik. Again, use warm peroxide, as cold water in your inner ear can make you dizzy or nauseous.

2. Debrox, or Murine ear wax removal systems. These cost $6-$8 a pop, and use carbamide peroxide (a relative to hydrogen peroxide), but in very small amounts. You are supposed to use them for several days in a row to soften the plug before you irrigate it with the ineffectual little squeeze bulb (forget that, use a syringe instead). They’ll eventually work, but they take days of effort. I’d use this very slow and inefficient solution only if your ear is painful or has been impacted for several days, and you’re worried it may already be infected. Alternatively you might use it for a few days (or the cheaper homemade solutions below), if you have a hard plug, to soften it up, and then use the Water Pik.

3. Homemade solutions. Commonly recommended are vinegar, mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. Some recommend mixing these, in various ratios. Hydrogen peroxide will dissolve the ear wax (it attacks bacteria and other oxidizables in the wax, and the heat of oxidation dissolves the wax), isopropyl alcohol will also dissolve ear wax (though I find it a bit harsh to use regularly), and oil or vinegar will slowly penetrate behind the plug, making it easier to pop out.  To use the oil or vinegar, lay down for awhile with them in your ear (30 minutes) then use a syringe or the Water Pik to flush out the plug. The hydrogen peroxide takes only 3-4 minutes before the bubbling slows down and you can put in a new batch of hydrogen peroxide. I’d recommend using the isopropyl alcohol even more briefly, if at all. Topical alcohol can actually penetrate into your cells when you apply it, and it’s mildly toxic to them when concentrated.

4. Sauna or steam bath visit. Taking a 20 minute sauna or steam bath before any of the above will soften up your ear wax quite a bit, sometimes enough for it to come out when you flush it even with the weak syringe.  For really hard plugs you might combine the 20 minute vinegar or mineral oil ear soak, the sauna, and then the Water Pik with hydrogen peroxide.

IV. Two-Person Solutions

1. Ear wax scoops. These are popular in Asian cultures, though their ear wax tends to be crumbly and easier to scoop out than Caucasian ear wax. If you want to try this, you might use Jobar’s Lighted Ear Wax Scoop on Amazon, $4. If the person using the scoop wears a lighted magnifier, $5, it may also help them visualize the wax while they are working. I’d also use an otoscope before and after. I wouldn’t use the scoop yourself, as you can’t see the wax.

V. Physician or Nurse Removal Solution

Do this if you must, but keep in mind that you can now avoid a clinic trip entirely with the two solutions above. Before I dreamed up these solutions, I visited the doc a few times in my life to get ear wax removed, after my shenanigans couldn’t get it out. Each time I asked if the heavy duty syringe they used in the office was something I could purchase. No dice. Fortunately you don’t need a prescription or a medical license for either of the above solutions, and if you use them, consider it a small step you can take to combat the developed world’s epidemic of out-of-control health care costs.

VI. More on Water Pik

Water Pik is a smart little company. It was founded in 1968 by engineer John Mattingly  and dentist Gerald Moyer, and is presently owned by private equity firm The Carlyle GroupThey introduced the first massaging showerhead in 1974, a very cool innovation for its time. Recently they figured out that cordless Water Piks are way more desirable for most people than countertop Water Piks, which take up far too much space, can’t be used in the shower, and don’t deliver much extra value for all their added complexity. Their new line of cordless Water Piks are not the best built, but they are better than their earlier ones. The WP 350 Cordless, for example, had a recharging terminal that corroded rapidly, so the unit needed to be replaced after a year or two. The WP 450 is apparently better built, but we’ll see.

Also, Water Pik finally got its act together with respect to doing scientific studies, and now they state on the box that they are “clinically proven to be twice as effective as string floss for improving gum health,” and that they are “proven in laboratory tests to remove 99.9% of plaque with a 3 second application to the treatment area.” For years people had no idea whether these devices actually worked, and their reputation suffered. I’m sure it will take them several years before people start using these for flossing, as they went so many years without quoting any good studies on their packaging. What may have saved the category was kids with braces. Water Piks are quite good at getting food out of braces. So they’ve been a success even in spite of themselves, as is often the case in many businesses.

My hat is off to Water Pik for steadily improving their product, and sticking around long enough for us to find a great new application for it. I expect we may see warnings on future Water Piks not to use them for cleaning your ears, just like with Q-Tips. Unless Water Pik embraces this use and gets usage and safety studies for it, and makes a deal with Bionix OtoClear for their safety tips, it may take years before a truly affordable physician-approved ear cleaning Water Pik comes out. In the meantime, you don’t need anyone’s permission, just common sense. You can just Do It Yourself.

Comments? Corrections? Know any other cheap, fast, and effective solutions not mentioned here? Let us know, thanks!


  1. I use the water pik for my clogged ears and it works great! No more doctors!

    • Drewbee says:

      Awesome! I bought a usb ear camera off ebay to look inside my ear. I couldn’t get the wax out using the scrapers that came with it the vidio camera. I tried waterpik and rotated the sprayer on medium pressure and it all washed out!! Even the tiny hard black chunks laying against the ear drum came out!! Amazing solution!!

      • Thanks for the comment. Husband was having a problem in one ear, low pressure was just not doing the trick. I read your comment, and turned up the pressure a little more and out came the deposit of wax. He feels much better now, Thanks!

  2. philip g says:

    This solution worked great for me, and I really appreciated the detailed info on the web site, which to my mind confirmed its trustworthiness (not just some company trying to push its product). The first time I had my ear plugged, I went to the doctor and they used a high pressure device to remove the wax. Had to pay $30. This time, the doctor’s office implicitly criticized me for not having come in for at least three years (sorry, I was healthy) and then made me feel as though they would be doing me a favor by squeezing me in the following day. So I bought the water pik. My only challenge was getting a feel for directing the hydrogen peroxide to squirt in the right place without scoring a direct hit (which was uncomfortable) and maybe I should have paid closer attention to the need to warm the solution because I was a bit dizzy, but those mild inconveniences paled in comparison to the relief I felt upon getting my hearing back and relieving the pressure in my head, and within 10 minutes any dizziness went away.

    • Great to hear this Levi and Philip! Yes I really think with this Water Pik + hydrogen peroxide technology we finally have a solution that will allow anyone with common sense and care to rapidly and efficiently manage their own ear problems, which I feel is the best for both us and society. Doctors will push back, however, as this approach gets more well known. If Water Pik got smart they could ally with some doctors and make an even cheaper and safer version of their product, but I expect that will take many years. Meanwhile we can follow the ethic of DIY (Do It Yourself) and spread the good news to the many others we know who have this problem.

  3. Dana SIms says:

    Went to the doctor last week for my annual physical. They told me that my ears were impacted and needed to be cleaned out. They tried in the office, but to no avail. Told me to buy some Debrox, use it for two weeks and come back. I did the Debrox for two nights and then tried their little ‘syringe’. That was laughable. 🙂 Then I noticed the Water Pik on the counter and thought, “Why not?” Filled it with warm water and turned it on the lowest setting. The trick was finding the right angle. Holy Moses!! The wax that came out was totally disgusting. Blech. But, the funny thing was that it felt GOOD to have the warm water in my ears and it itched like crazy. After I was done, I wondered if I was the only nut case to have figured this out. Looks like I’m in good company. LOL It works and if you use common sense it’s a procedure that can be done at home.

  4. Back in 1993 when my daughter was 4, her peds dr. diagnosed ear wax in abundance in her ears. She had her nurse put the Water Pik on the lowest setting and using warm water cleaned daughter’s ears. I asked a bunch of questions and decided to do this at home where I could leisurely use the Water Pik. Did it the next day and was amazed at all the wax that slowly came out! My daughter kept saying how clear her hearing was for days after! And she also got over her aversion to having water in her ears during bath time.

  5. Thank you. This is the information I needed and at just the right time.

  6. I had a clogged ear and went to CVS minute clinic and got mine done for $60. The practitioner actually used the same exact waterpik I bought from target except she had the the fancy ear tip you mentioned on it.

  7. My doctor cleaned out my ear and it worked incredible! Now, that it is clogged again, I have to wait a month for another appointment, so I bought a waterpik based on your recommendation. It hurts!!! The waterpik is soooo much stronger than the syringe-style the doctor uses. You are going to damage your eardrum if you use a Waterpik! You people are crazy and full of it! DO NOT USE A WATERPIK IN YOUR EAR!!!! IT HURTS!!!!!

    • Hello Micah! Did you use the lowest setting of water flow? There are two settings on the water pik. It is a bit uncomfortable, but it most definitely does not hurt on the lowest setting, UNLESS your ear is inflamed (e.g, you waited several days after it got plugged to do anything about it, and now its infected). Don’t throw away the water pik, it will be very useful for future ear cleanings when your ear gets blocked again but not inflamed. Also, if your wax plug doesn’t come out on the lowest setting after using a reservoir or two full of hydrogen peroxide (not water) while bending over the tub, you should consider sitting in a sauna or steamroom at a gym (you can get a free day pass for this at any gym) for 20 mins beforehand. If you don’t have access to a sauna you can sit in the shower for 15 mins, letting hot water run into your ear (as hot as is comfortable, but again not so hot that it hurts). Either of these tricks will make the wax plug VERY soft and it should come out VERY easily, even at the lowest flow setting. This works, you will get the hang of it if you persist. Good luck and congratulations for trying! As always, I’m not a doctor, use your own common sense here. If it hurts, go to the doctor’s office.

  8. I had acute otitis many yrs ago & went to ER which was very busy. They put me in a small room & gave me a water pic & said “go for it”,not really,but just to be concise here.Anyway,it cleared out the plugs & pain fast using water. I did find info which states water will promote fungal growth & am wondering about the water content of peroxide & if alcohol back-flushing would dry it up,although 70% does contain 30% water. Maybe this would drive someone with OCD crazy. Alcohol is irritating.
    Thanks for your info site.

  9. WOW- Ive been struggling with ear wax/skin impaction issues for years. I have awful insurance, so its become quite expensive to go to the ENT every few months for a cleaning. I finally had enough and just used a Water Pik for the first time- and- OH MY GOD- the clogs came out of my ears instantly! It was like magic! Within the first 10 seconds of each ear- I could hear again and all the debris was in the sink! Id tried EVERYTHING- useless syringes, ear wax removal kits- everything- and this is the only thing that worked. Please stop wasting money- go get a Water Pik now! (I really cant see how youd puncture your ear drum doing this unless youre a total idiot)

  10. Heather says:

    I cannot think of a time I have ever commented on an article, but I have to say a big huge thank you!!! Ever since I amped up my exercise, my ears have been giving me problems….I knew instinctively that it was wax build up even though I have never had a problem before. Yesterday, my ear ‘stopped working’ for lack of a better way of saying it….like someone just closed it up. I have not been to a doctor in years (big into natural health..), but starting thinking, today, that I might need to see a professional. All morning I did all the natural recommendations…vinegar, oil, peroxide, etc…nothing helped. I have six kids and had to tell them to speak into my right ear…frankly, I was annoyed by the inconvience of this seemingly small problem. Looking in our medicine closet I saw our Water Pik and thought….hmmmmm…. I went on-line and found your article. So well written, I knew exactly what to do! I wish I could post a pic of what came out…I did take a picture for my family…that is just gross enough for our entertainment. I am shocked at how great I feel, having that cleared from my ear…over and above simply being able to hear, again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  11. So, for a small expense, you can turn your home waterpik into something even closer to the one the doctor uses. You can buy the wands that they use (it has an angle and I think less pressure than the typical waterpik wand.) Three wands, about $20. http://www.amazon.com/Adapter-WP-360-Bionix-Medical-Technology/dp/B004YTUSB4/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1378250379&sr=1-1&keywords=bionix+wand. Then you just need the tip. The tips can be bought as well, but they are something like $70 for 40 tips. (Bulk much?) However, I found that the tip from the Acu-Life Ear Wax Removal Syringe screws onto the wand. It prevents you from inserting too far and directs the water to the sides of the ear canal rather than straight towards the ear drum. About $6 for the syringe. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000SOJXGA/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Just thought that I would share.

  12. A+ very useful. I helped my wife with this today and it worked EXACTLY as you indicated. Kudos and a heart felt thanks from her. Best tip in years!

  13. Wow, thanks for the great tip! I happen to have one but never thought to use it this way. I have a partial blockage in my left ear that traps water if I swim. I will do this right away. You are a godsend!

  14. Mike Friel says:

    Was deaf for a year in my right ear. Then the left ear went too. I used this on both ears. Full hearing again. INCREDIBLE!!!!

  15. Martin says:

    John you are a miracle worker, thank you so much for this post! I was deaf in one ear due to wax and the other would block up at night then clear (ish) in the morning but it was only a matter of time before I lost hearing in that one too, I came across your post quickly bought a Waterpik from Amazon, used some common sense in its use and now I have full hearing again without having to trail along to the nurse (and be made to feel like I’m putting her out!) like I have ever 2-3 years since I was in my teens 20 years ago!!

    Again, thank you sir! The feeling of getting your hearing back again is one of the best in the world and makes you realise just how lucky you are.

    • Great to hear this Martin! I agree, the feeling of getting your hearing back truly makes you feel lucky to be alive, and to have such great senses and opportunities to learn and grow. I recommend saying gratefuls for the day every night with your loved one as you go to bed. That’s how I do my best to hold on to that that way of looking at the world. Best, JS

  16. John M. Smart, you are a genius! I could not believe the ball of wax that came out of my ear. After a week of misery of pressure and loss of hearing, I feel like a new man. It is truly an ‘Internet Miracle’!!

  17. John, thank you! I was looking for methods of ear wax cleaning for my father, then saw your advice and said no harm to check it out. The ENT said he produces a lot of wax and needs to come in every couple of months to get it cleaned. We tried your method and what a relief – ear wax out, he can hear so much better, and no costly doctor visits. Today is my mom’s turn! Thanks again for a safe miracle!

  18. elizabeth says:

    Genius!!! I have narrow ear canals. They get clogged badly 5-6 times a year. I hated seeing a doctor every time to have them cleaned and they always seemed to struggle with it plus I had to go through an entire physical exam. Everything with the Water Pic worked exactly as described in the article. I was instantly able to hear again after using it and my ears have never felt more clear. The reviews for other products designed to remove ear wax always say the pressure isn’t good enough or they’re 200-400 bucks. The pressure on this is perfect for ear wax removal and I did a better job of clearing it out than doctors I’ve had in the past. Can’t believe I found this article on a whim but so glad I did as it’s the only home remedy that has worked for me. Thank you!

  19. John, Thank you so much. I already have battled meniere’s disease for many years and have limited hearing on one side But yesterday I woke up with no hearing on that side. I mean none, I put the phone up to that ear and couldn’t hear any dial tone. My balance was horrible and I thought life as I’ve known it even dealing with meniere’s was over. I considered the emergency room But I also know they don’t have a lot of experience with meniere’s disease so after trying that Debrox crap last night and this morning with no improvement, I was fortunate enough to find your site online.I had a big jug of hydrogen peroxide and a water pic so I decided I didn’t have a lot to lose. My gosh the nasty material that came out of my ear. I thought I had flushed it clean yet my wife looked inside and said oh my. She then pulled out a plug half the size of a marble. You may not have saved my hearing forever, But you improved it and saved my sanity on this fathers day. Thank you again.

  20. I only leave comments on these types of websites when the information presented is extraordinary. This is the case here. My left ear has always been ‘squishy’ and generally filled with wax to some degree for as long as I can remember. It has only recently become extremely bad to the point where I could no longer sleep on my left side, or my hearing would be lost completely on that side for at least half of the day. So I decided to finally do something about it and discovered this website. I purchased this imitation WaterPik: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-EW-DJ10-A-Water-Flosser/dp/B0027LSEPS/ref=pd_sim_121_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0YP2H4R6HE453PGTYQVZ

    On its lowest setting, the pulses are pretty intense in the ear canal, but nothing painful. I let the peroxide work for several minutes after each tankful. It took 2 complete tankfuls and a lot of shaking of my head, but as far as I can tell, all of the wax is completely out of my ear! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to hear this clearly. It’s insane! Anyway, thanks a million John for helping me and everyone else on this site.

  21. I saw my doctor today for something else, and while I was there, he cleaned out my ears (I too am an annoying over-producer of wax; so gross, ugh). I asked him about this, and he said if you were careful, you could totally do it. It was basically no different than what he and his staff do. I had already bought the Water Pik as I don’t have any dental insurance right now. So I have two uses for it, and yay, no more doctor visits for this!

  22. My Dr’s office uses a trigger spray bottle with a hose and small ear tip. It is called Elephant Ear irrigation system. Asked about buying one. Was told “oh no”. Went home looked it up and found it on Amazon. If I remember correctly, it was like $14 for whole kit, Bottle, Cup, small tool to help scoop out debrie.

    Use 1 part vinegar, 1 part distilled water or 1 part peroxide 1 part distilled water.

    Lasts forever, works great.

    2 last comments:
    1: as stated in your article, temperature is important to avoid dizziness.
    2: The ENT specialist told me: use vinegar not peroxide and ALWAYS use distilled not tap water.

    • Great share Scott! A couple years back I started using hand sprayers for ear canal maintenance, so now I have two great solutions, and have updated this article to reflect that. Warmest regards, JS

  23. sally tarbox says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for this advice. I’d never even heard of the Water Pik before, but your article was so convincing I invested £45 in one (figuring it’d be good for teeth, whatever) and it WORKS! After 3 tanks of water, the gunk comes out and I could hear again (had been using eardrops for about 3 days prior). Brilliant help, thanks again!!

  24. Your advice worked! I’ve never had a problem with ear wax before, but I ended up with a plug in my left ear 4 days ago. I got to work yesterday and was so uncomfortable. I found this post and immediately went to Target, got the Water Pik and other supplies, brought them back to work and had the plug out in less than 20 seconds. You are my hero!

  25. Ever since my teen years (I’m 62), I’ve had periodic cerumen (wax) impaction in both ears, usually in the summer months when the heat and humidity turn cerumen from its usually hard flaky consistency, which normally falls out on its own, into a mass the consistency of Silly Putty. After my third or fourth irrigation in the doctor’s office, he showed me his off-the-shelf Water-Pik that he used on me and all of his other patients. He showed me a slight modification he made of clipping off the angled section and filing it smooth with a nailfile. It makes the opening a little larger, reducing the risk of injury by lowering the pressure of the water jet. I have been using this method on my own for over 40 years and have never had issues. Yes, you do need to be careful not to put the tip too far into the ear canal, use warm (not hot) water, and use the lowest pressure setting (definitely get a model with variable pressure). Look, doctors basically use exactly the same equipment to irrigate ears, but because of the high cost of malpractice insurance premiums they have to live with every year of their carees, most will not recommend any DIY procedures. If you have the money or great insurance, by all means, go to an ENT for treatment. Most Americans are not in that category however. It’s a good solution with very acceptable risk.

  26. Jessica Scurlock says:

    I have been having hearing problems for years and just in the past few months my ears started getting clogged. I was putting hydrogen peroxide in my ears and it just wasn’t clearing them out. I actually stood there in desperation looking at my Water Pik, wondering if I should try that but decided against it. So instead I looked up how to unclog my ears fast and that’s when I came upon this sight that suggested using the Water Pik. Thank God! As I was useing it two giant chunks came out of both my ears along with a lot of other little pieces. I can actually hear again! I thought I was going deaf, just turned out I had so much wax in my ears. Thank you so much for posting this.

  27. Kevin Smith says:

    My right ear had total blockage for about 5 days. I did everything & it looked like I was going to the doctor, until I read this. We bought the same water pic as shown in this post & used it on low pressure. That blockage cleared during the 2nd tank full. It came out kind of like sand…kinda I couldn’t believe it. A couple of minutes later I could hear better out of that ear than the unblocked one. Easy fix, I gave it a quick indirect blast from my new water pic & all is well with the world.
    Thanks for the brilliant idea. If only all solutions to problems worked out this well.

  28. Bought a Water Pik because of the write up above. Truly amazing! The stuff that came out of my left ear was gruesome. I used warm water on its own. Going to add the peroxide for a few flushes next. I will dilute it as its 6%.

    Thanks for this web page.

  29. Gill Leone says:

    That water pick/water irrigator hack is so effective! Just did this using 3% HP solution. As long as you use the lowest setting for less forceful speed and don’t put the tip into the ear canal (angle it just outside, the goal is for the jet stream to flush the canal not direct insertion), anyone can do it.
    I went from a fully blocked left ear which the Dr remarked was one of the most wax impacted she had seen (!) to having full hearing again in 10 secs. The very first spurt actually did the most work- globs of wax pieces shot out my ear into the sink, where I had my head lowered. Continued at short intervals of a few seconds. I used less than one reservoir for both ears, the right side was merely to try and there was indeed some wax.

    I do recommend the manual irrigation method too, using hp, water and a hot shower. I tried this first to loosen things, and I’m sure that pre-step made the stronger irrigation afterwards more effective. I used less HP as a result, though more warm water overall.

    I’ll likely do that as my regular maintenance. But if you reach blocked ear stage, def try the water irrigator + hp/warm water method. Many thanks!

  30. Wow! This is the best earwax blockage tip ever! I’ve had a blocked right ear for almost 2 days and couldn’t hear properly. Had been using 3% HP in the ear for up to 20 minutes, then flushing with an ear syringe or saline ear flush solution, had tried the oil-type products too. Nothing was working at all. I saw this article this morning and bought the same waterpik shown here. Filled it with half 3% HP and half warm water. The first few jets of water to hit my inner ear immediately dealt with the blockage! I didn’t even need one full tank to completely clear my ear. It feels so good to have a fresh, clean ear canal and have my full hearing back again. Thank you so much!

  31. I had been blocked in one ear for 2 days and tried all sorts of stuff. Finally bought the water pik and I don’t regret it at all. The instant I turned it on, three big clumps of wax came shooting out of my ear, and within 45 seconds when the liquid all cleared, i could hear great again. Thank you, i would recommend this for everyone and I’m so glad i found this page!

  32. WOW. I cannot thank you enough for this info! I was looking online out of desperation, found this article, and today I went out and bought a waterpik and the problem is completely gone after 5 minutes! Saved me a trip to Patient First, where they already told me the problem would clear on its own, then my doctor recommended Debrox, which only seemed to make it worse. Thank you so much!

  33. Left ear was still plugged with wax after 2 weeks of trying 1st: drops of just hydrogen peroxide 3% in ear canal for about 15 min. at a time for 3-4 days, and then 2nd: drops of just Debrox 2-3/day for 4+ days…and always using shower water to try to flush out each morning. It helped a little, but my hearing kept going in and out. Then I found this article! What a relief to know I didn’t have to pay for a dr. to do this procedure, like I have done before when I had insurance. I immediately found the Water Pik 450 at a Best Buy near by, bought a few bottles of peroxide, anxiously waited the 24 hrs of charging time, filled the reservoir and finally tried it this afternoon over the side of the bathtub. WOW!! Great investment! Worked immediately in 10 sec. intervals and I only had to use 1 bottle. I can hear again and I can’t get over how much wax came out!! So quick!! No pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TIP!!! I will be using this from now on and will try to keep my ears from getting impacted in the first place. And, I’ll also use the Water Pik for my teeth!

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